Pokémon Go Plus is the Most Important Hidden Feature

Pokémon Go, released on 14 July 2016 and downloaded millions times. Does that mean that all the Pokémon have been captured from Drowsy to Dragonite? Not at all, there is a much deeper layer hidden inside, that starts with Pokémon Go Plus.

Pokemon Go Plus
The Pokemon Go Plus Wristband

The connected wristband to the game allows the trainer (player) to receive alerts when a Pokémon or Pokestop is nearby. One press of the Pokémon Go Plus wristband captures the nearest Pokemon or stocks up on pokeballs from the nearest stop. One feature I would like to see is an accelerometer that measures steps which can be used to accelerate the delivery of eggs. At the moment, eggs are a huge battery drain on both iPhone and Android as the app has to be opened and connected to count the steps. Demand for the device has been overwhelming and in the UK, avid trainers will unlikely be receiving their band anytime soon.

The Future of Augmented Reality

The integration from a digital, augmented reality (AR) game with a physical wearable device means is that we will likely see more ways in which the virtual world connects with the physical one. Pokémon Go uses Google Cardboard technology for its AR features which means we may see an integration or a Pokémon themed Cardboard. Niantic, who created the game also released Ingress in 2013, a game that is of a similar concept. It’s very likely that we will be spending more time playing AR games that use real world locations very soon.

In the meantime…gotta catch ’em all!

Photography from a Weekend in Paris, France

In 2015, I spent a long weekend in Paris, France as a typical tourist. Although this was my third visit, there was still much to explore. View the photo gallery of some of the less known areas of Paris. Explore the view from the Arc de Triomphe or the grand Sacre Coeur. Find more images on my Flickr page – Tim Watkinson.